Visiting a friend’s house leads Maryland woman to lottery jackpot

A Maryland woman said a visit to a friend’s house led to her winning $50,000 from a scratch-off lottery ticket.

The 73-year-old Baltimore woman, a retired hospital worker, told Maryland Lottery officials she was leaving a friend’s house when she spotted the nearby Boss Cash Lottery store.

“I love scratch tickets,” the player said, “so when I was leaving my friend’s house and saw the lottery store, I checked to see if they had any.”

The woman selected a $5 Gold Bar Bingo ticket and scratched it off in the store.

“I just went bananas when I saw the $50,000,” she said. “I stopped myself, though, in case I was reading the ticket wrong.”

The winner said her celebration returned when the store clerk scanned the ticket and confirmed her prize.

She said the money will allow her to pay off her home.

“It’ll be a huge relief to get this done and behind me,” she said.

The winner said her daughters are still having a hard time believing her luck.

“They came over to see the ticket, they studied it and the lottery website, but they just can’t accept that it’s happened,” she said.